Does God Have to Make Sense?


I’m sure you’re thinking all kinds of things as you read this title. Does God really make sense? To some, it sounds like blasphemy. To others, you might see where I’m going with this.

As I have ministered in churches and pursued theological training, I come across men and women who have God all figured out. They “know” why tragedies happen and have the answer to everything. I propose to you today that I don’t have God figured out. In my weak opinion, He doesn’t make sense. But does God really have to make sense to us? Doesn’t the Bible say that His thoughts and ways are higher than ours?

Think with me for just a minute. God spoke the world in existence, yet people try to disprove it. He told Adam and Eve that there would be a curse if they disobeyed, and He provided the strangest way to save the world – Jesus dying on a cross and rising again. Whoever would believe on Christ would have everlasting life. This same Jesus came into the world in a humble way yet was the long-expected King and Messiah the world awaited.

What about the miracles? God telling Moses to throw down a rod and it turned into a snake? The Israelites marching around the wall of Jericho seven times? Jesus giving strange instructions for people’s healing when He could have just spoken or touched them and healed them? None of it makes sense, but what makes our sense superior to God’s?

What in your life doesn’t make sense? Sickness? Marital problems? Finances? Trouble with your kids? You obeying God and you don’t feel blessed while someone who is not living for God is living it up?

How you view this thing and how you approach God makes a difference. Be real with God. Tell Him you don’t think it’s fair. He knows what you think anyway. Get godly counsel. Study the Bible. Pray until you can’t pray anymore.

On the flip side of this, God may be calling you to a radical step of obedience that does not make sense. God called Abraham to leave home without giving him any direction. No game plan whatsoever!

What are you going to do when God doesn’t make sense? Are you going to pitch a fit and forget Him? When you don’t make sense, He doesn’t give up on you. He never promised you an easy life, but He did promise His presence and His power. When God doesn’t make sense, He just might be propelling you into the greatest season of your life. Let Him! I dare you!

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