Now That Easter Is Over…

Oh! I hope you have a problem with that title! Some of you may be thinking about the eggs, bunny, egg hunts, family gatherings, etc. I’m so glad that Easter isn’t about an egg, a man or woman dressed like a bunny, or an excuse to get together with family and eat like a pig. Easter is NOT over!

The real reason celebrating Easter has been going on for almost 2,000 years. Some people stop with Jesus dying on a cross. When you study history, you’ll see that many people were killed the same way. Only one conquered death and is still alive today – the Lord Jesus Christ! And the reason He did that was for you!!! You were born with a sin condition that only He could cure, and He lovingly invites you to trust Him to forgive your sin condition and make you right with God.

I know that some churches will go back to business as usual tomorrow. Their celebration won’t be as big. Many people won’t even go back. My word for you is to get your praise on!!! Get your praise on every day because Jesus is alive!!!! Don’t be a part of that dead crowd that acts like Jesus has been thrown back in the tomb.

People might think you are crazy tomorrow when you go to church with your passionate praise. So what! People will think what they want. Bonnie Raitt sang, “Let’s give ’em somethin’ to talk about”. That’s what I’m talking about😀!

4 thoughts on “Now That Easter Is Over…

  1. Yes, Matthew,,,,praise to Jesus should definately be on every day. Speaking of that I want to tell you about the beautiful Easter card one of my sons sent me. It said “In the light of the Resurrection, may you find hope….In the miracle of God’s love, may you find true joy.” Then he also wrote “May you find the rising of the Lord lift your own spirits sky high and be comforted by His love.” That card just meant soooo much to me at this particular time. I wanted to share it with you.

  2. Matthew, Great and true post. Too many leave Christ at the Cross. Not realizing that He kept His promise that He would not leave us orphaned. In that, He is with us always and worthy of our continued attention; whether in glorifying Him or in seeking His grace of forgiveness in times of regret.
    His mission was not stopped by the Cross. His mission was the Cross. All that He endured on the Cross was for our sakes, so to reconcile us with God, the Father.
    Yet His mission ended not there. It was but a prerequisite. For all suffering leads to a greater good. That greater good was confirmed by an empty grave.
    p.s. thanks for becoming a follower of my blog: “Crossroads.”

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