Cracker Jack Theology

I am blown away by how many people live their life based on what they found in a fortune cookie, Cracker Jack box, horoscope,  or someone’s opinion. I was preaching one time and mentioned how some people get their theology from a Cracker Jack box or base their belief system on what grandma said while she was half-lit, sitting on the front porch shooting squirrels. I love my family, but they’re not right about everything.

Nothing beats cracking the Bible open for yourself. Get a version you can understand, a study Bible with notes to help you, and a good Bible commentary. I’ve had great pastors, but every one of them would tell anybody not to take their word on what they preach. Study for yourself! God gave you a brain and His Holy Spirit, so He will teach you.

One final thought: churches and people wouldn’t be so messed up today if they would live out the Bible instead of someone’s whack opinion. If someone you know got his/her interpretation of the Bible while they were drunk or high, lovingly pull them aside and help them out. You’ll do them and your church a favor in the long run.

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