Sin in the Church

Who would have thought there would be sin in the church? People dress up really nice and speak unlike they do the rest of the week. Everyone comes together for an hour or more, pretending they have it all together. The world’s best parents, husbands, wives, etc. must be in the church. Wrong! Some are but not all.
The truth is that sin is rampant in the church. I would like to share with you some sins tonight that Evangelist Bill Saye shared in revival at Bounty Land Baptist Church, Seneca, SC.

Lying – it’s okay as long as you have a good reason, right? Like telling someone their song was great when it really sounded like a dying cat. Nope! Still wrong!

Jealousy – a popular preacher sin! Go to a preacher’s fellowship and listen to these guys bash preachers with bigger churches. These guys call the guys with bigger churches compromisers. The truth is that they are jealous because they don’t have as many come to their church. 

Anger – I’ve seen this one a lot. One lady got mad at me and told the chairman of demons, I mean deacons, that I didn’t visit her mama. I saw her twice in the hospital, but that daughter was nowhere to be seen. Several things happened, and she remained angry the whole time I served that church. She may still be angry today. I couldn’t imagine living with that daily. I tried to minister to that family, but in their minds I reached a point of no return.

Unforgiveness – this anger this lady possessed breeded unforgiveness. This large family in the church carried that same unforgiveness toward me. Part of me wonders if they had a big celebration when I resigned.

Stinginess – if you want to make a man stingy, put him on a church finance committee. Moving along…

Gossip – people love this one. Why tell the truth when you can embellish it to sound more interesting? It’s a great tool to turn church members against each other.

Unjust criticism – “I wish he was like our last preacher. That guy came to everything. He would come to my house and shoot squirrels with me all day. This preacher must not like me like the last one did.” (He might be spending more time doing his biblical job rather than trying to pacify spiritual babies.)

Self-centeredness – There are plenty of these examples…those who want recognition in the church. They can’t clean a toilet without it being put in the bulletin.

Worry – we are all guilty of those and could use a big dose of faith.

Idols – anything we put before God…social media, sports, work, etc.

Rumors – an extension of gossip. People love to interpret your motives, especially if you’re the pastor.

Pride – I’ll let God convict on that one.

Rebellion – I’ve been here. There have been times when I refused to do what God wanted. We all have moments when we want to do our own thing apart from God.

I enjoyed this direct preaching tonight. Those who know me well know I like preaching that convicts me and challenges me to be better for the Lord. We all need this. If we get sin out of the church, we’ll get sinners in the church. 

3 thoughts on “Sin in the Church

  1. Wow! To say you hit the nail on the head would put it mildly. Thank you for speaking your heart and I experienced the perfect parent situation with my children and my ex husband. The others as well, but that would be one of my journals. Part of the influence used by the enemy to keep them from church, the hypocrisy. I reminded them then and now that God doesn’t change, people do. There is hope for us all yet.

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