Politics vs. Principle

Every organization has an element of politics. It doesn’t matter if it’s medical, religious, or any other sort. The driving force behind the politics is the end justifies the means. Pardon my bluntness, but that philosophy is hatched out of hell. Corruption is never justified, whether it be for personal gain, sparing someone’s feelings, or any other excuse.

Despite the entity, the bottom line is that principle should trump politics (no pun intended – this has nothing to do with the presidential race). Throughout my career, I have been encouraged at various times to play the political game and leave principle behind (especially biblical principle). I have had a deacon chairman and even pastors encourage me to play the political game. My goal has been for the voice of righteousness to prevail. Even when a minority within a church was trying to regain control, I stood my ground and told some people that I would not dismiss biblical principle to make the twenty percent happy.

You are probably faced with the same temptations. Take the high road! If something is wrong, choose right! Make decisions for the good of the whole rather than catering to an age group, family, superior, loud-mouth employee, or whomever. You will face opposition, but I would rather honor God and be in the minority than sell my principles and conscience to gain the popularity of many. Be a man or woman of integrity! God knows we need some more like that.

4 thoughts on “Politics vs. Principle

  1. This is a very important stand because of we don’t, we are no different than the world. Thank you for posting this. We will face opposition for such a stand by some but nothing Jesus didn’t face.

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