Pet Peeve: Old-Fashioned Religion

I know that some of you are immediately saying “Amen” or you’re ready to blast me. I’ve been a pastor, so I’m used to both. Please allow me to explain these terms and then arrive to your own conclusion, expressing it in a Christ-like manner.

Religion can be just about anything: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. I NEVER want to be labeled religious. I don’t dabble in a bunch of religions. I follow the teachings set forth in the Bible. Christ is my Savior, and I am unashamed.

Now to this “old-fashioned” part. In reference to Christianity, it bears a negative connotation. For church folks who want church like it was 100 years ago, this is fine. For the unchurched, they see the phrase “old-fashioned” and think it’s outdated or obsolete.

My problem with Christianity being called “old time religion” is that Christianity is just as relevant today as it was in the first century church. I know churches are trying to communicate that they don’t sing any new songs, have screens on their walls, and use a specific version of the Bible. If that is what you do, that is fine. But please don’t call it “old time religion”. 

I must continue with one more thing. The song “Old Time Religion” is poor theology. It doesn’t matter if it was good enough for your mother, father, favorite preacher, or fill in the blank. What matters is that God set the standard! There are many snuff-dipping grannies and moonshine-drinking pappies who were satisfied with “old time religion”. Let’s do away with the phrase “old time religion” and get to “Bible-based Christianity”!

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Old-Fashioned Religion

  1. If Christianity is old time religion then give me some of that old-time religion. Because it still has the power to deal with my old time problem of sin and offer me the old time solution of salvation.

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