How Long Does Forgiveness Take?

This will not be a traditional blog where I state information. This is YOUR turn to answer this question based on your life’s situations, especially when you have to face the person who hurt you or sinned against you on a regular basis. I encourage any of you to leave a comment on here. It’s easy! Maybe you have been fired from a job, cheated on, cheated financially, betrayed by a family member, etc. Our experiences can help each other. Now is your time to weigh in on something with which we all struggle.

6 thoughts on “How Long Does Forgiveness Take?

  1. I had a period of years after my father-in-law sent me into a whole new dimension of pissed off I never knew existed. Meddling in my daughter’s health, and telling me that his other daughter – who is manic depressive and has yet to make an intelligent personal decision – had a right to question how we were handling my daughter. Even though we were going to pay $40K OUT OF POCKET to get he the best help in the country.

    It took years before I could really let it go. I don’t care for the guy at this point; I don’t see the point in keeping toxic relationships, but I’ve let that thing go. I pray for him and his wife and daughter regularly along with others. I bear no ill will. And that’s about as good as I think it’ll get.

    You think…?

      1. Thank you for your comment. It really tore me up for years just because I couldn’t find a way to let it go. A graphic example of how forgiveness can heal the forgiver.

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