Pastor Appreciation Month

October is the month that has been set aside as “Pastor Appreciation Month”. However, I hope that all of you who attend church or have someone who is a pastor to you receives appreciation throughout the year. Many pastors have no one to call pastor, so it is up to you to be that refresher in your pastor’s life.

Since I have not been in vocational ministry, I went without a pastor for several months. This summer, God gave me a wonderful pastor. I want to give a shoutout to Josh Ratliff and his wife, Valerie. They have been wonderful to me and my family and supportive in what God is doing in our lives. I know that our entire church family would give me an “Amen” on this.

Show your appreciation to your pastor AND his family. His family is often forgotten and ostracized. Many of them have moved miles away from family, and you are the only family they have. Send a text, invite them to lunch without talking about church or problems, etc. Don’t leave them on a deserted island thinking that Jesus will be their only Friend. Let them know they are loved and valued.

6 thoughts on “Pastor Appreciation Month

  1. Good message. We spend a lot of time thinking about (demanding?) what our pastor should be doing for us, and so little time asking what we can do to help our pastors. God bless.

  2. This is a great message and so important – I will definitely do something special for my pastor … just a thought maybe it would be awesome to thank those who are mentors and even our brothers and sisters in Christ ~ I believe we need one another as we walk through this world ~ God bless you !!

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