The Soothing Wind of God

After I returned from vacation, everything was in high gear (and still is). I had 4 new hospice patients to see at various ends of the earth. Our patients are in their homes, so I do a good bit of traveling. Today, I was in high gear again. However, God slowed me down for a minute.

As I was leaving a visit with a patient, I stepped out and felt a cool breeze that forced me to stop and recognize the glory of God in the midst of what I was doing. I leaned my head back for a moment just to enjoy what God was doing through nature.

The hearts of many of us in our area were shaken this week when a 14 year old shot a teacher and 2 students in a nearby elementary school. This was on the heels of crime and riots in Charlotte, NC which is within a few hours of us. Many also are worried about our national situation as we will be electing a president.

Through all this tragedy, God still whispers and send the wind to remind us that He is still in control. Don’t be so busy that you miss God’s gentle reminders!

4 thoughts on “The Soothing Wind of God

  1. Thank you Matthew! We too have faced great tragedy in our small town here in Ohio recently. Today the number of folks connected to our family that have passed into heaven’s glory (thru tragedy, death or natural causes) is 6 in two weeks. I was beginning to wonder about God in all of this. So this was the exact gentle reminder I needed this morning. Blessings on you, Jody

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