Disagreements Among Christians

I’m on a roll tonight. As I was reading a post from another blogger, I was reminded how quick the “Christian” community (however it is variously defined) is to disagree. We will argue over semantics and preferences in a heartbeat. Please let me clarify that I did not argue with this blogger. This sister in Christ, in my opinion, has experienced detox from manmade religion and restraints and found the liberty that comes from a vibrant relationship with Christ. If she is reading this, I hope it is a fair assessment.

While the dialog on her post was good, I began to think about so many professing Christians who deliver their opinions with a hateful spirit via the internet and other forms of media. Paul said in Ephesians 4:15 to speak the truth in love. If it is a preferential disagreement, it isn’t even worth sharing. Many of my Christian brothers and sisters don’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s like I do, but I will not engage in a war because they don’t see things like I do.

We must ask ourselves this question when we get into public discussion: “Am I doing any harm to someone and their Christian growth by what I type and the way I word it?” If the answer is potentially yes, it’s time to rethink. Scripture teaches that we should not cause a brother or sister to stumble. The point is not for us to look correct; it is to glorify Christ by delivering truth in a way that honors Him.

6 thoughts on “Disagreements Among Christians

  1. β€œAm I doing any harm to someone and their Christian growth by what I type and the way I word it?” I hope it wasn’t my blog you referred to; either way, this is a great question to always keep in mind before hitting the “publish” button.

    1. This was in no reference to your blog. I’m glad that the thought behind the post was not written from a problem I saw but a reminder of how things could easily get out of hand. I am trying to do my best to write proactively rather than reactively.

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