Remember Lot’s Wife

“Remember Lot’s wife” – Three simple words in one verse that have tremendous impact when you know the story. We are quick to criticize her, yet there is some of her in all of us.

In the book of Genesis, God was calling Lot and his wife to leave a wicked place and not look back. There was something within Lot’s wife that was pulling her to turn back. When she did, she turned into a pillar of salt.

What is it that leads many of us to keep looking back?

  1. Delusions of grandeur – Many of us thought life was better back then. The truth is that we complained the whole time we were in it. Now that we have discovered the grass isn’t so green on this side, we look back.
  2. Regret – Some of us wish we would have done things different. We wish we wouldn’t have rushed into a marriage, finished college, taken a different career path, etc. Regret is also harmful. I will admit that I have a difficult time accepting reality and the repercussions of choices I made.
  3. Desiring something we shouldn’t have – Many do not follow through in “commitments” to Jesus because they want Fire insurance from hell but don’t want to live a committed life of following Christ.

Are you looking back today? Is there something that is stealing your attention from enjoying the present and looking forward to the future? Paul said it well in Philippians 3 when he said to forget those things that are behind and press on. We cannot undo the past, but we can do something about the rest of our life.

Remember Lot’s wife. She looked back, and it paralyzed her. It will do the same to you!

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