Me…Start a Church?

Although God put this in my heart in 1997 after I surrendered to the call to preach, I kept the vision in my heart but fought against it becoming a reality. People have various thoughts about church planting. One of those is “Why start another church when we have so many others?” That’s a great question that I would love to answer.

  1. Most of America’s churches are declining. Pastors and denominations have developed strategies to “revitalize”, only to discover that the people in these churches are content to sink with the ship.
  2. Many people do not want to associate with already established churches because they have been hurt and abused by the political system.
  3. People who have had a rough past don’t feel like most churches are a safe haven for them to experience the life-changing power of Christ in a loving community. They feel judged and condemned by sinful people who are disqualified to judge while they have already been forgiven by Christ, the Righteous Judge.

The second question I’m sure is on the hearts of people is “Why start a nondenominational church?” I have been a denominationalist all my life. I have discovered a few things along the way. Please keep in mind that God put starting a nondenominational church in my heart in 1997.

  1. The word “Baptist” or “Methodist” no longer defines denominations or churches. A church may have a label that aligns with conservatism while the church itself is liberal.
  2. Because of politics, denominational labels have left permanently negative impressions. I know of a church that exploded in growth when they removed the denominational name.
  3. As the founding pastor of this church, I will have no denominational entities to impress with small group numbers, worship attendance numbers, or baptism numbers. I will be in a ship that is a minority in our area, and I will continue to spend time with like-minded, kingdom-minded pastors who realize we are in this together and not in a competition.

The final thing I want to share is the heartbeat behind the name “Overcomers Church”. In my years of ministry, I have seen countless people who have great potential but have not lived up to it. Many of these never had someone express interest in helping them grow in their faith. I have seen men and women overcome but life’s circumstances – addiction, family problems, and various other personal struggles. I have seen these same people demonized by churches when they needed the church (the real body of believers) most. My desire is to be a tool in the hands of God who will help people become Overcomers in life.

We are starting with nothing more than a call from God. We currently have no financial support, but we believe that the same God who called us is faithful and will meet our needs. Please join us in prayer. To my blog readers, I love you all (even when we have disagreements aka “intense fellowship”).

14 thoughts on “Me…Start a Church?

  1. Ephesians 4:1-13
    1 Peter 2:4-6
    Who is the church?
    We are the church?
    John 21: 1-24
    May the Lord bless you in His ministry.
    May the Lord shine upon your face
    May the Lord keep you
    May the Lord bless you
    Have a good day fishing
    And tending to to His sheep.

  2. How awesome is this! His plans and purpose for you started way before 1997. He knew you before you were formed in your mother”s womb. It blesses my heart that you have answered His call. You will certainly be in my prayers and when available, I will give to the ministry. I understand the serious dilemma the hurting have with some of the churches. The key, as you said, is to help others overcome. I have never really understood how easy it seems to be to judge when you are in trouble or hurting since we all fall short and Jesus died so every person could be forgiven. Know that you have those who will be praying for you and your loved ones as you get started. Keep in my mind that the victory has been won. Doesn’t mean our enemies won’t rise up: the devil, the world and our flesh. Keep your eyes on Him.

      1. Thank you much and it does bless me to know that the words He gives me encourages you. He says His words do not come back void and they will accomplish what they are sent to do. Keep me in your prayers that I will always honor Him with the words I choose. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in His sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer. I will have you in prayers as well.

  3. I feel you. As a pastor and church planter, I’ve seen many people share their denominational interpretations and experiences. Sometimes it’s a real hinderance. Encouraged to see you following the call!

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