A Day of Release

On our third Sunday of Overcomers Church, I believe we experienced a day of release. I preached on the subject of “How Do I Forgive THAT Person?”. It is first an act of surrender to the Holy Spirit who will produce His fruit in us. It also requires an understanding of God’s love: an impenetrable, sacrificial, unconditional love without discrimination. The thing that convicted me the deepest as I prepared this message is the fact that God loves me just as much as He loves those who have sinned against me. Today, people were released from the bondage of bitterness to a life of love that will spread throughout their homes and communities.

People were also released to pursue their God-given potential. Most of our core group met today for lunch to discuss how we can impact our community. The discussion kept going because these people are passionate about what God can do through them. 

Sadly, some churches (some intentionally and some unintentionally) have told certain people that they were no longer useful to God’s kingdom work. Others had enough people, so the gifts of those outside the clique were out of luck when it comes to using their gifts. The most rewarding part of the day was seeing dry bones come to life. God renewed the vision of people, and they are seeing a God without limits. 

Are you bound today? God wants to set you free. Maybe you are bound by a sinful habit. God wants to release you. Maybe you have believed the lies that you can’t do something. God can do anything He wants in and through you. Be open to the work of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to release you.

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