God, Expand My Territory

Many of you may remember this phrase from the prayer of Jabez found in I Chronicles 4. I have prayed that frequently throughout my years in ministry. In every season of life, it has meant something different. 

In this season, I never imagined how it would be. God has increased my territory through an online audience. I now receive messages from those who read this blog. These people are from various parts of the world who reach out to me. I am honestly humbled. I began this blog to satisfy my itch to write and get a message out. God has used it to expand my territory for His glory. 

The most recent endeavor is a partnership that is slowly growing. I met TJ Petri through dontlabelmykid.wordpress.com. We have both been through forms of treatment that are nothing more than ideas that pad pockets. He and I have a heart to provide authentic help in various areas of mental and spiritual health, nutritional health by Mike Carey, and help with addiction, parenting, and countless other issues that we all face. I also have a heart for pastors and other ministry leaders. We are providing our services to give people more than a bandaid. We want them to have permanent victory.

We are excited to introduce our Facebook page, Don’t Label My Kid Coaching Team. Please go there, like the page, and inquire about the services provided.

We look forward to serving you in the near future.

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