A Letter to Millennial Believers

Dear Millennial,

I know you are often poorly misrepresented. You have grown up in a generation where much has changed. You have been characterized by your taste in clothes, coffee, and a list of many other things. Your parents have done their best to prevent you from experiencing the same hardships they did, so they went overboard and made sure you had a lot of, if not everything, you wanted. Many of you grew up in broken homes and knew hardships that were not as prevalent in previous generations. On the down side, many of you grew up where dysfunction is normal and you truly want something better. Some of you know how to fight through life and rise above, while others of you don’t know how to cope when you get knocked down. 

I want to be your advocate. Not the guy who looks at you and sees a generation of spoiled brats, but someone who looks at you and sees a ton of potential. Pertaining to the Christian life, you possess some qualities that I wish I saw in previous generations.

  1. You possess a passion for something real. You don’t want anything to do with Christ because He is a “societal or cultural norm”. You want something that is going to change your life.
  2. You don’t want dead religion. When you go to a weekend worship service, you want to engage. You want to clap and lift your hands. You want to hear from someone who knows how to engage you. You want something that applies to your life so you can know how to live your faith throughout the week.
  3. You’re not as shallow as everyone thinks. While you may be attracted to more modern methodology, you appreciate some depth and even historical demonstrations of faith. You want in-depth conversations and want to know more about Scripture than everyone else says you do.
  4. You are more interested in being the church than going to church. While some criticize you for that, you are being much more biblical than they. You have a desire to obey the Great Commission that is found at the end of Matthew 28. 

There is so much more I could say to you. You are the generation that could see revival if you were only given a voice. Many are trying to silence you while I, and many others, seek to empower you. Don’t let negative people discourage you! Pursue your God-given dreams! If it is not of God, you’ll know it. If you find resistance the first time, fight it with persistence. While others are settling for mediocrity, rise above it and achieve great things. If I can help you, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

9 thoughts on “A Letter to Millennial Believers

  1. Thank you! I am right on the edge, not a millenial but lumped in with them. I appreciated this because I can have a very negative view of the millennial generation myself, but this is a strong reminder for me that we need to lift them up, not beat them down with negativity.

  2. Amen! Well said. Many years ago when I first started doing church work and I saw up close that some people loved Jesus and pursued Him with excellence in every generation. Age isn’t any type of measure when it comes to spiritual maturity. I Timothy 3 is, Galatians 5 is, etc. Our age wars are deceptive because they keep us from having the real conversations. If an elderly person can only worship to hymns and a millennial can only worship to Chris Tomlin, It is the same sin. Unfortunately, it is passed down and not up.

  3. Reblogged this on Chaplain + Entrepreneur = Chaplapreneur and commented:
    I liked this and wanted to share it because I don’t think age wars are really all that Biblical. Each generation has said the same things about the next. The Body of Christ is made up of people of all nations, tribes, tongues and ages. This was a great statement, “I want to be your advocate. Not the guy who looks at you and sees a generation of spoiled brats, but someone who looks at you and sees a ton of potential.” While there are many valid concerns, and the sins of every generation can’t be overlooked. There is whole lot of potential and God’s people need to think that way. Great job Matthew!

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