The Bride of Christ

Today, I had the privilege of preaching AND conducting a wedding ceremony for a couple that has been with us since the start of the church in January. I have known the groom for approximately 7 years ago. He and I have both been through divorce, and it has been a blessing to see God bring His wife into his life. 

Their ceremony was held at the same place where we meet for worship each Sunday, so the easiest thing to do was to begin decorating the event room for the wedding and work around it for worship. When discussing with another one from our core group, I told her to go ahead and do that and the wheels began to turn in my brain. I began to think about Ephesians 5, and the relationship between Christ (the groom) and born again believers (His bride). With that in mind, I began to bounce an idea off some people.

Our service began today with everyone gathered in the foyer. Our kids had their own worship time from the beginning as opposed to stepping out after our music. Our adults and youth came in to the “Bridal Chorus”. I know they were wondering what was going on. I welcomed the people, prayed, and began to explain through Ephesians 5, the relationship between us and Christ, and how we are often unfaithful to Christ our Groom. I then highlighted the story of Hosea marrying a prostitute (a picture of faithful God and unfaithful Israel). We closed the service with songs about coming to the Lord, leaving behind our sin, and being the Church ready for our Groom to return. 

I love being able to teach and preach in this fashion. There is so much freedom in what God is doing in our small group of believers. 

How faithful are you to Christ? Have you cheated on Him by putting something or someone else in His place? It’s time to change. He is waiting with open arms for you to repent (have godly sorrow that leads to change). 

Let this song be our desire.

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