If You Come to Church, I’ll Give You a Prize

I have so many thoughts about this post. If you know me well enough, you will know that I enjoy having a good time in a worship service. You will know that I’m not a staunch, stuffed-shirt who is down on everybody and everything. This week, I have seen churches advertise the things they are giving away to boost morale. As much as I love getting t-shirts, free massages, restaurant gift cards, pens, coffee mugs, and a list of other items, I want to focus on the bigger picture. 

I will not say either way if this is right or wrong. The motive is the greatest thing in question. Why does your church do it? 

I shared with our group a few Sundays back that our biggest attendance was on a day when we all went to the state park afterward. It was great. When you feed them, they come. I will not criticize why someone came if I know I have been faithful to share the gospel and introduce them to Christ. Their motive is between them and God. 

Here is my question to you – Do you invite people to church, or do you invite them to Jesus? I recommend inviting them to Jesus. Because “the church” has a negative connotation for many, the road to leading them to Christ will be one of building trust.

It is beyond my pay grade to judge how spiritual you are if you promise to sky dive off the top of the building if you have 500 people on Sunday or if you promise to preach in a chicken suit if 50+ plus are baptized. I do encourage that you examine your motives and ask yourself if God is glorified and people are truly being converted because the gospel is clearly proclaimed. 

10 thoughts on “If You Come to Church, I’ll Give You a Prize

      1. No lol. Some kid had brought 5 the second night so I said i would go for 6

        Our youth leader did though as he had agreed that the winner could no matter the number

  1. I like that, invite them to Jesus rather than to church. Well said.

    I pretty much dislike all prizes and incentives……except for feasting. Jewish culture was big on feasting, those Holy days have meaning and ritual that make the old testament come alive,and Jesus Christ Himself was often dining with sinners, feeding the crowds with fishes and loaves. So yes to church picnics, soup kitchens, potlucks, good feasting incentives and fellowship. 🙂

  2. I’m seen and heard several messages sharing this same sentiment lately. When did it become about attendance and feel good motivational messages. You know what people respond too? What brings revival? The TRUTH. You know why, because the truth is missing from the world. The world is full of lies and we see it everyday. Give away TRUTH and let God get them to it. Pastors don’t save people. Tents don’t save people…feel good messages don’t save people. Conviction by the Holy Spirit saves people. The Church is just a meeting place…Gods quite capable of getting who he wants there, there. When they get there…give them the TRUTH.

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