Responding to Your Critics

It does not matter who you are in life, you will have critics. You may be your worst one. Some are quite the opposite and are their greatest fan. (I better leave that last sentence as is.) These critics will often be in the places where you should least expect them…family, church, etc. You and I have a choice to allow their criticism to paralyze us, or we can choose to drown out the negativity and please the Lord Jesus while the naysayers run their mouths. Two things: If they were not satisfied with Jesus, who are we to think we are any better? Also, if they are talking about me, they are leaving you alone so enjoy the break😀.

People are often criticized and looked down upon because of their financial status. If they have a job, why don’t they get one that generates more income? If a mother chooses to stay at home, what is her problem? Others often think money is more important than family. My wife and I know a little bit about this. When my wife left her job in November after the birth of our child, we had our critics. We understand now that our 1 year old could not get the developmental help she needs if my wife still worked. My wife takes her to multiple appointments each month. My current job schedule is 4 days a week to allow me to pick up my 3 children from my previous marriage. They live 4 hours away, so it allows me the time I may not have with other employment. People who look from the outside in do not understand the factors we have to consider, but we only get one chance with our children. We have financial struggles like others do, but God has met our basic needs.

People are often criticized because of past mistakes. They may have a criminal record, a past addiction, or some other offense, and many are quick to bring up the past when Christ has already forgiven it. We who are recipients of grace should know best how to reciprocate.

People are often criticized for things they do well. I cannot tell you how many critics I have heard criticize someone else for being professional and doing things with excellence. God does not put a premium on ignorance or shoddy work. It is often jealousy that leads to this kind of criticism.

People are often criticized because some know-it-all has their motives figured out. God speaks to me (not in an audible voice), but I am not qualified to judge someone’s motives. If your opinion is not fact, I want to encourage you to seal your lips🤐.

If you are a person of faith, some will criticize you and call you irrational. I left a ministry position a few years ago. The gossip train was running wild. I did not understand what was going to happen thereafter, but it was the best decision for me to focus on my newly blended family and help care for my mom who had open heart surgery a month later.

In this life, you will be called lazy, arrogant, spineless, and a long list of other things. Here’s a song that expresses how I feel about criticism:

4 thoughts on “Responding to Your Critics

  1. Everybody is a critic depending on what the person is criticizing. It might be constructive or destructive criticism. As believers we criticize what is bad no matter who is involved. We are also criticized because of our faith.
    So critics and criticisms are part of life.

  2. Amen! So true. I just finished day 2 of the devotional, Speak Life. It and the scripture references fit this post.
    We need to remember John 10:10-criticism is a tool of satan to keep our eyes off Jesus!

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