God Showed Out Today

For months, we have been hearing about this eclipse. People can choose to explain it however they choose, but I saw the magnificent hand of God the Creator showing the world how only He could have so masterfully done such a thing. People united today to view this eclipse. I loved seeing people of various backgrounds standing together in awe of what my God did.

Every time something like this happens, I am reminded of Psalm 19:1 which says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” You and I do not have to look far to see God’s work. Look in the mirror. Look at the sky. He has performed miracles all around you. Slow down and take it all in. It just might make a believer out of you.

***Photographer is unknown, but he or she beautifully captured this moment.

4 thoughts on “God Showed Out Today

  1. I don’t know about you, but I saw God’s eye in the sky yesterday. With glasses on I watched in awe as our Father pushed the moon in front of the sun. The darkness came and it was eerily surreal. I couldn’t help but think about how God placed His Son in front of the world. How His gift of Jesus is so brilliant in the darkness. He gave us the eclipse today – the sun and moon in perfect alignment to perform this beautiful sight. I’m in awe of His ability to move us, to just simply place beauty in front of us, so we see Him in everything. When the moon started to pass over the sun and the brilliant white light peaked through, my heart just skipped a beat. I assure you His beauty was seen today, and I am overwhelmed by the brilliance of this peak of sun after darkness. There is beauty to be found in the darkness – it is in finding the brilliance in His light.
    The heavens declared Gods glory today; the arch of the sky makes clear the works of His hands. Psalm 191:1

  2. Thank you for giving God the credit He deserves for such great handiwork. I hate it when the news refers to things as “mother nature!”


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