Checklist Spirituality

✔️Read my Bible

✔️Attended every church service this week


✔️Told somebody about Jesus

✔️Served on a church committee

✔️Sang in the church choir 

✔️Didn’t do anything on my church’s naughty list

Looks good, right? But is it really spiritual? Is it flowing from a heart in love with Jesus, or is it driven by guilt and obligation? Jesus said of the Pharisees in Matthew 15 that they drew near to God with their mouth, but their heart was far from God. 

Why do you do what you do? If it is not motivated by love, it is a bunch of loud, useless noise (I Cor. 13:1). Are you marking off a checklist to impress others, or these acts of love to our Lord? It’s time for an examination of the heart.

11 thoughts on “Checklist Spirituality

  1. I believe the Gospel, and about Grace, but I do read consistently, because I want to set aside time to be with Him with my Bible open in study. It may sound like I am list checking, but I don’t think so. I know that there is power in meditating on the Word for over ten minutes a day. I believe I can best use my time in the mornings this way. I have submitted my life to Him, and I think about Jesus all the rest of the day. I believe if I never teach again, I will still study the Word. It is for me so that I can be level headed in the things of the Holy Spirit. Emotions are fine, but knowing what I believe, and talking with God daily is important for my spirit, mind, soul, and body. It took years to come to this conclusion.

  2. If someone is in Christianity to impress or show off then the person is living in ignorance. The basic duty of a believer is to walk according to the precepts of God in truth and in spirit, win souls and preach the gospel. Apart from this the person is mistaken.

  3. I want to say that I used to struggle with reading the Bible daily. I easily found something else that needed to be done. One day, I found myself reading through the Bible carefully. I continued until I finished the Bible. This is how I have become consistent. The page is one I found, and I check off the chapters. I still feel that it is good to read the Word daily. At times my schedule gets in the way. Today I went to a funeral, and I read my Bible before the speaker got up, or before the funeral started. I believe God expects us to deal with ourselves until we have totally committed to Him. Then walk the walk, and believe Him for who He is. I believe, and I am dedicated to reading the Word one chapter at a time. I am closing in on finishing the Old Testament, and completing the Bible one more time. I like to check off what I have read. May God keep us in His hand, and give us ideas so that we come thirsty to Him and find refreshing. I don’t know where your church is, but when it comes to mind, I will pray for you and yours. Ruby

  4. So well said. I think we see our spiritual lives like we do with our professional and personal lives, just checking off lists to fulfill tasks, but this is so much more to spirituality. I also love discussing spirituality on my blog, and I’d appreciate if you visited. 🙂

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