I Used to Preach Against Me

As a younger preacher, I often mimicked what was modeled before me. The pastors who mentored me were often preaching against Bible versions, songs written after 1812, pastors who didn’t preach in suits, and other things that have nothing to do with biblical Christianity. Those issues seemed to get their crowds shouting, so it seemed natural to be negative about everything so I could get a few people to shout “Amen!”

Over time, I learned that I was not going to hell for using something other than the King James Version (spoiler alert: it was revised several times, and we do not use the 1611😢), many great songs are being written today and are used by God, and I could preach in a tutu if I wanted to (which I do not). 

The saddest part was that I judged the motives of guys who ministered then like I do now. I wish I could go back and undo some of the shallow preaching on preferences and give those people the real meat of the Word. I have asked God to forgive me for that judgmental spirit. The only thing I can do is preach the uncompromised truth in love as I move forward.

To those who preach, teach, or write, I know the temptation is strong to address preferences. People really long for substance. Invite them to the table and give them what they need.

9 thoughts on “I Used to Preach Against Me

    1. new discovery – Jesus actually spoke in NKJV but by the time Paul got a hold of the bible it was a revised, rerelease called KJV

      In case it needs to be said again – Just a joke 🙂

  1. Great word! I think it’s wonderful how honest this testimony is. Speaking the Truth with Love is an art learned though letting the Holy Spirit temper our tongue and filter our motives.

  2. Very well said and very true. The important thing is to deliver the message of the gospel of Christ…period!


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