I Have An Idea…

Extremely convicting post from another blogger! I could not help but share it.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Let’s raise a bunch of money and devote it to the homeless ministry!  Yeah.  Then the problem will finally be licked.

Well, okay, so we need to use it wisely too.  I hear you.  So here is my next idea:

Let’s educate people about the problem!  Then we can use the money wisely.

Oh, yeah… that’s been done too and still we have a persistant problem.

Oh… Oh… Oh… I know.  Let’s raise awareness!  Yeah!  That will do it.

Wait.  What?  that’s been done too?

Yeah…  I suppose so.  And really, that is just one more aspect of educating people anyway, and we were doing that before too.


So what should we do then?  I am out of ideas.

What would Jesus do?

Die on a cross for our sins and three days later be raised from the dead?

How is that an answer to the homeless problem?

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One thought on “I Have An Idea…

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