Here We Go Loop-Dee-Loo

I know you are probably thinking about the children’s song. My mind is, however, going in a different direction. I want to discuss church cycles for a moment.

I have been entertained and disappointed at the cycles in churches. This is not a criticism as much as it is a note of observation. 

  1. Getting rid of evening services then bringing them back. Several years ago, churches began to no longer have Sunday night services. Some even stopped Wednesday night services in favor of small groups in homes. I’m beginning to see more churches adding a Sunday/Wednesday night service back to the schedule.
  2. The movement toward CEO pastors and the return to servant leaders. The trend that I was taught as biblical was for the pastor to train the people to do the work while he sat behind a desk. There is now a return among some to rolling up their sleeves and being co-laborers with those in the seats.
  3. Shallow preaching to substance preaching. Many of us were taught to weaken our messages because that was supposed to put more people in the seats. Go to find out, people want some substance. People are at different spiritual maturity levels, but some pastors are returning to preaching messages with varying levels of substance.
  4. Shallow worship song lyrics back to lyrics with substance. The earlier worship songs could easily be played on Delilah or John Tesh’s radio programs. Now we see today’s writers including deep doctrine in their song lyrics. Some are even writing new hymns.
  5. Being the traditional church to going back to New Testament roots. A few decades back, most churches looked the same. Now we are seeing a generation that wants to be as traditional as the New Testament is. 

I am sure there are more cycles I could mention. Feel free to comment respectfully on any you notice. Some of these cycles have come back quickly while others are slow to come back. As I stated before, these are just observations. My challenge to you is not to get hooked on a trend but get immersed in the Bible. Trends fade; God’s Word lasts forever.

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