Would You Join Me in Praying for Direction?

Many of you know that I started a church called Overcomers Church on Sunday, January 29. We started to help those who have been overcome by life to become Overcomers in Christ. Our goal was not to steal people from other places of worship but to reach those who were disconnected from a place of worship. God has honored this prayer. We are a small group with a big heart to serve. Most of our group is under the age of 18, so the potential is huge.

We know God has some big things in store for us. The true church (called out ones) of the Lord Jesus Christ has no walls. We believe that God is calling us to expand our reach in ways that are uncommon. We know it takes prayer, and I know that many of you will join us in praying for the work of God to spread like wildfire and bring victory and hope to lives that feel defeated. We want to reach our County, our state, our nation, and the world for Christ.

We will keep you informed as God unfolds His plan. Thank you for partnering with us!

26 thoughts on “Would You Join Me in Praying for Direction?

  1. Pray, and pray with others. I believe there is something you will do that will cause others to take notice of your church. God loves for us to pray, and then get up, and go do what He wants. It is always the case. He has something to be done. For me, when I prayed 3 days in a row, it was to serve people. We had a funeral that week that was unexpected. 200 plus people were in the church and Ed spoke to them the Gospel. They were never all back until the next funeral. You see, God doesn’t cause people to die, but they do die. He uses everything in our lives for making contact. I will pray. I am not praying for your people or those around you to die.

      1. He will. Continue in the Word, and praying together. Then ask God to lead you to people who will fit right in at your church. This is what we do. Some fit for a while, and they move on. Others have stayed. They came to the church as a result of praying.

  2. Oh, yes! Praying for our Lord to give you clear directions!!! Yes, exciting times to reach the unreachable! And think about it, that is what Jesus did for us gentiles!

  3. I find that praying and reading daily is before leaving the house. His time is first. If I have to rush to the church, then I get up earlier than usual. The time you spend with him…and I mean both of you.. is important. I am Ed’s wife, and he is the pastor, but praying for him and the congregation is not just His task. It is for all of us. I take it seriously. I believe without praying we see apathy. Spending time in the Word brings the structure you need. I believe it is the wife’s job to stay in tune also. Two in agreement will put 10,000 to flight. It is important to pray with her, and share what is happening. This is from a preacher’s wife’s point of view. My husband is outgoing, assertive, and prayerful. He preaches wonderful sermons, but we have few in our church. God gives us few for a reason. I bind, rebuke, and we lay hands on the sick. We are in a denomination, but we are full of the Holy Spirit. God is in us. Thought I would witness that God has been faithful. He is the one we turn to in Jesus name. God has helped me with Rubies Corner’s blog. I am thankful to have met you all. God is so good. Fellowship is necessary for some, but at times it is me with God, praying down things that have risen against us. We are in warfare, and in ministry. The weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I believe in finding scripture to pray back. God bless. This is long.

  4. Sending prayers for the church and the calling that God has placed on your life. I pray that your ministry will bring people from all walks of life to Christ. May he cover and keep you all. ❀

      1. Sure you can email me. I fast whenever I need a breakthrough…and it works! Prayer coupled with fasting is powerful spiritual warfare. I use it whenever I am confused about anything…i love it.

  5. May the Lord bless you richly as He expands your tent and fields. I believe a revival is coming through the land by God’s own sovereign Grace, and suspect you will be in the thick of it along with many others. I don’t think He’s done with me yet either. Been praying often for blessings on your ministry for some time now. He is faithful. Blessings to you!

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