You Must Be Prepared

Preparation has been a key part of much of my life. In order to preach, I have to prepare. In order to lead worship, I have to prepare. So I won’t look scary to the world in the morning, I must prepare. Life is full of preparation. I would like to make a few suggestions about preparation that will help you and others in the long run.

  1. Prepare for emergencies by saving money. Getting a paycheck does not mean you must spend every penny. What will you do when you have to replace tires or pay medical bills?
  2. Prepare for death by making funeral arrangements now. The greatest thing my grandparents did prior to their passing was paying for everything except obituaries and last minute stuff which barely cost anything. Some of us think we are invincible. Then we die with no foresight and leave our children in a mess. No matter how young you are, get the ball rolling so others know your final wishes.
  3. Prepare to meet God. This is the most important piece of advice I can give. Repenting of your sins and entering a relationship with Jesus Christ is the greatest decision you will ever make. I’m not talking about being “churchified” or doing more good than bad. I’m talking about your sins being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. 

I could write about so much more, but these issues are so important because the lack of preparation in these issues often leads to more difficulty. You and others will be better off when you and I get things together. Adjust plans as needed, but life is ultimately about laying up treasures for eternity. While you’re at it, prepare others to meet God too.

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