Leave Me Alone. I’m Building My Kingdom Here.

Earlier in ministry, I wanted to be like the well-known guys. I wanted large followings, denominational titles, a large salary, and all the accolades that go with it. Now that I’m almost 37, and I don’t care about any of it. I am a divorced and remarried pastor (which does not set well with those from my former denomination). I do not pastor a large church. I don’t have biceps bigger than my head or a 6-pack. I’m a no-frills kind of guy. 

As I have gotten older, I have discovered how pretentious many pastors can be. They will be quick to offer to help you then ignore your calls. I have nothing to offer these guys, so I would be so lucky if they were to speak to me in a dark corner at Walmart.

Why is it? I’m obviously no threat to them. They are busy building their own kingdom, and I can’t help them advance it. It’s sad, really. It isn’t sad from my perspective, because I am glad to not be entangled with those who have built denominational monuments unto themselves. I just know that one day when they can no longer help someone else, they will find themselves abandoned also.

I am reminded of when the disciples argued about who was the greatest. They had it all wrong. Approximately 2,000 years later, not much has changed. Now we have social media to advance these leaders in their self-made kingdoms. 

To those who feel like you and your work means little to your community or your audience of just a few, you have a Savior who is looking down and saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” He isn’t impressed with the guy who climbed the denominational ladder by pretending to care about people. Every one of us will be judged according to our personal works. Walk in humility. The proud will soon come to a fall. When they do, be the one who is loving enough to restore them to a place of humility and more genuine impact. I can guarantee God will bless that.

11 thoughts on “Leave Me Alone. I’m Building My Kingdom Here.

  1. You are far enough down the Kings Royal highway now with Him leading you, you have no more need to look behind. Eyes fixed forward, unwavering meeting of every new challenge to greet you. Yes, sir! I would say you’re getting the Kings job done! Direct communication with the Savior will always be the life-line. But you already know this, and more besides. Wow! Wish I could be there. But I still have my own rows to hoe even in old age…according to His promise. (hope I didn’t speak too presumptuously)

  2. Good observation. Ministry can be frustrating when you discover that there is a manmade hierarchy and cliques and you don’t fit in with the “elite”. But you always fit in with God when you obey his voice. There is a remnant, Pastor Matthew!! I am enjoying your blog very much.

  3. Matthew, as a pastor in a mainline denomination for over 20 years now, I understand what you are saying. Early on in ministry the sort of things you described bothered me. As a now middle aged pastor who has been afforded the pleasure of Pastoring the same rural congregation for nearly 17 years. I have learned that it is definitely more about building people and disciples as a legacy than it is about building your brand.
    Great words, keep your focus on the kingdom work.

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