Learning from the Prayers of Others 

I know that we are not supposed to pray for the benefit of others, but the prayers of others can teach us so much. There are men and women of God throughout history who prayed some powerful prayers. 

I encourage you to begin with the prayers recorded in Scripture – prayers prayed by Jabez, Daniel, Nehemiah, Job, Paul, but most importantly Jesus. Study the prayer lives of others who are a little closer to our day like Charles Spurgeon, Oswald Chambers, and David Jeremiah. Their books have taught me so much on prayer. 

I want to close with this one I heard as a 15-year old in church. I’m not a fan of reading prayers publicly on a constant basis, but this and so many more can teach us how to pray the way God wants us to pray.

4 thoughts on “Learning from the Prayers of Others 

  1. Its a ripper of a prayer that one, he was really asking for trouble that’s for sure. I hope one day my prayers will be as gutsy as his! Thanks for sharing dude

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