Examining Our Motives

I read a blog post from another blogger a little while ago. It challenged me to make sure my motives are pure. Blogging can be much like a popularity contest, and our egos are fed by the number of followers, likes, and comments we receive. It is so easy for a blog to become about me. 

I want to challenge each of you to pray this Scriptural prayer before you write or post. If you pray this sincerely without pretense and genuinely want to know the heart of God, He will reveal it to you. Here is this prayer straight from Psalm 139:23, 24 – “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”


8 thoughts on “Examining Our Motives

  1. A massive Amen man and a great call to action. I have found praying and asking God for wisdom, that he will show me what he wants me to write about really helpful for me. And if that means 1 blog every 2 weeks then I am totally fine with that. Don’t want to get sucked into being to hard on myself or attempting to please others.

    Thanks for the reminder in this post!

  2. Whenever I need an attitude adjustment, I do think on Psalm 139:23, 24. Your message was impeccable timing. Yesterday I was trying to decide if I should keep posting blogs every few days or or start posting once a week or every other week. As a new blogger, I thought maybe I should post a lot to get established, but not necessarily every day.

    Your message reminded me that the reason I am doing this is for the opportunity to write. Not to get trapped into the ego trip of a popularity contest.

  3. Pastor Mathew, I hope you were not referring to one of my posts. If so, I can assure you that was not the reason for the post or asking you to email me. I just thought you would be interested in knowing who both groups of people were for the second group was really unique. Please accept my apology.
    Pastor Lester

  4. Such a great post Matthew and it is such a great reminder to look at the reason we blog in the first place as Christians.

    What I liked about your blog post is that it directly talks about us as bloggers; especially Christians bloggers and help us to remember WHO we are blogging for; not for ourselves but so that others can come to know Christ.

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