Unlikely Places for God to Move

Many people relate God’s presence to a building with pews, stained glass, and all the ornate “churchified” stuff. God’s greatest movements take place in unlikely places. Remembering that the sanctuary of God is the heart of the believer, you carry God’s presence with you wherever you go. So, you can experience His power in the most unlikely places.

This past Sunday, we began meeting in a building that was the office for a car lot. It’s a simple room with columns and a few pieces of furniture, but God moved. We had 3 first time guests and a renewed zeal. 

In Acts 16, a worship service broke out in a prison in the midnight hour while Paul and Silas were singing praises to God. That worship service led to the conversion and baptism of the jailor and his household.

Please join us in prayer that people will turn from their sin, be baptized, and discipled in their faith through this ministry. The fire is burning. Our people are inviting, God’s Word is being preached, and even those who do not attend are telling others about us. We are in our tenth month, and God is honoring what He initiated. We’ve only just begun! To be continued….

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