What Kind of Book Are You?

Everyone’s life is a story. When I asked our church people on Sunday what kind of Book their life is, I got the following responses: horror, comedy-drama, and medical journal. Some people’s lives are like Harlequin romance novels. The story your life tells right now is not how the story has to end.

Paul told the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 3:1-3 that their life is a letter or a book. The problem Paul was having is that his life was an open book, yet the people still wanted him to prove himself. Have you ever felt like you had to defend yourself to someone although you try to live right? Paul was there. People were out to ruin his reputation. Reputation is simply what others think. Character is what God knows about you. The truth will ultimately be revealed. While your life story may have twists and turns you wish you could change, Jesus can change the direction of your story.

Charles Spurgeon said that there are 3 types of people who read your life: the intelligent (those who want to learn from you), the interested (those who genuinely care), and the inquisitive (those who are nosy and seeking to find fault). Your most important audience is named the Lord Jesus Christ. What He knows is what matters most!

I want to close with this poem by Arthur McPhee, “The Gospel According to You”:

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Are read by more than a few,

But the one that is most read and commented on

Is the gospel according to you.
You are writing a gospel, a chapter each day

By the things that you do and the words that you say,

Men read what you write, whether faithless or true,

Say, what is the gospel according to you’
Do men read His truth and His love in your life,

Or has yours been too full of malice and strife’

Does your life speak of evil, or does it ring true’

Say, what is the gospel according to you’

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