When Life Tries to Deflate Your Tire

(The picture above is not our van) For the last week or so, our van has had an issue that we could not put our finger on. Today, we discovered that one of our tires was in desperate need of replacement. I began to think about how that was an inconvenience. I found myself a little upset but chose to get it together.

I want to focus for a moment about inconveniences. First of all, it is a matter of perspective. You and I can choose to look at a situation as an inconvenience or as something that God may be using for a purpose.

Second, it may be God’s way of protecting you from something else. We could have blown the tire out on a back road, but we were safely in my mom’s apartment parking lot when we discovered it. A kind friend helped my wife out while I took our baby home.

Third, these “inconveniences” often give us opportunities to bless someone. I cannot tell you how many times I was “inconvenienced”, only to discover that God used it as an opportunity to encounter someone who needed encouragement while at times I was the recipient of the encouragement.

Next time your car decides to malfunction or your baby vomits on your new outfit, slow down and see the bigger picture. And don’t let life deflate your tires!

10 thoughts on “When Life Tries to Deflate Your Tire

  1. Ament Matt! How often we can end up sounding like the rest of the world when we are inconvenienced. An awesome way of looking at things so thanks for sharing. I needed this today.

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