Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Who remembers these famous words of Rodney King? I’m not here to bring up old news, but the answer is YES! Getting along is a choice!

Today, I participated in a funeral at a Seventh Day Adventist Church. I arrived at 12:30 to meet with the family prior to the service at 2:00. I had no clue where the meal was going to be, so I just went inside the building and heard the pastor still preaching. Let me remind you that they worship on the Sabbath (Saturday). I slipped in the back of the sanctuary during the closing song of their service. I figured someone there would know where I was supposed to go. As I looked around and experienced everything from my arrival through the end of the funeral, here are some things I appreciated.

  1. I saw a very ethnically diverse church to be what is considered “small”. I saw the ethnic vision for the church I pastor right before my eyes.
  2. All ethnicities were so kind and loving toward one another. I saw people of all ages talking to each other, and many of the people engaged me in conversation. It was a sweet time.
  3. It was what I call “simple church”. I do not say that in a derogatory manner. They worship, preach, and fellowship without the show. They appeared to understand the concept of faith community. It reminded me a little bit of church when I was growing up.
  4. They were gracious despite doctrinal differences. My previous denominational affiliation was known for breaking fellowship over minor things. It was great to know that we combined to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make the gospel known through celebrating the life of a man who lived for Christ.

WE CAN GET ALONG! It’s a choice we make. If you are at odds with someone now, I encourage to give it to God. Time is too short, and the bitterness and hatefulness are not worth it.

10 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. “My previous denominational affiliation was known for breaking fellowship over minor things.”

    With all due respect, Matthew and I want to say this as loving as possible, the 7th Day Adventist Church is a false religion that teaches work based salvation. They teach that if you don’t keep the Sabbath, you are living in sin and that the mark of the beast is not a mark which is placed on the right hand or forehead but is the day Sunday meaning that those who go to Sunday church in the tribulation are receiving the mark of the beast. They also exalt above scripture the writings of Ellen G. White who is their prophetess. Remember that false religion is going to look as close to the truth as possible or else it couldn’t deceive anyone.

    “They appeared to understand the concept of faith community”

    Interesting word choice “appeared” if you cannot distinguish between salvific or fundamental doctrine from nonsalvific is better not to promote a church that teaches a doctrine that you don’t know if it has potential spiritual poison. Your readers might ingest their erroneous teachings by visiting their website because of your post and you will find yourself becoming a stumbling block and Christ will hold you accountable.

    You need to backtrack and do more research on the Seventh Day Adventist because it is a cult and a very dangerous one. This is a correction from a loving brother in Christ.

      1. Agreed but some of your comments allude to an endorsement that they have sound teaching. Personally, as a Christian I wouldn’t show any positive light on a group that clearly teaches a false Gospel as Galatians 1:9 warns us about. Matthew, you have to be very careful on what you put in your post because some of your readers look up to you for sound teaching and trust you to lead them in the right path. Personally, your post is more damaging because it is coming from a Christian and regardless if you are not promoting them, your readers might see the opposite, are you willing to take that chance? If I didn’t care for you and your readers I wouldn’t say a word but I do care.

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