You Better Know What You Believe and Why You Believe It

Several conversations and situations have reminded me of how many people hold to a belief system because some preacher told them what to believe. They never studied the Bible for themselves. When challenged about a particular issue, they wilt upon pressure.

I served alongside a youth pastor several years ago who challenged the youth constantly. He would teach in such a way that made them think independently. The retention rate of those who grew up in that youth ministry is phenomenal.

Dear child of God, I encourage you to study, pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you. As you grow deeper in your faith, know what other faith groups and religions teach so you can give an answer. Many people look at Christians as ignorant, and that is partly due to the reality that many do not think for themselves. They have not exercised the discipline of study and perhaps may not have a true hunger to know more.

Your belief system will be challenged. If your pastor is your lifeline, you’ll definitely sink. Know what you know because you did the spiritual grunt work to learn it.

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