Performance-Driven Christianity

Within any system, extremes exist. Within Christianity, some are legalistic to the point that they are duty-driven in order to stay on God’s good side even to the point of forcing those rules on others while others throw any of God’s commandments out the window because they see no sense in trying to obey commands they feel they can’t keep. There are dangers in both extremes, and God is seeking those who will live balanced in Christ Jesus. These are those who understand that good works cannot get them to Heaven, but good works are a byproduct of a relationship with Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-10; James 2).

For many years, I got swept up in a duty or performance-driven life. I wondered if what I did would be good enough for the churches I served or good enough for my family. Then I read the book Gospel by J. D. Greear, pastor of the Summit Church in Durham, NC. The principles set me free and helped me realized that Jesus paid it all, so I didn’t have to earn His favor. I could rest alone in the power of the gospel and enjoy serving the Lord out of sheer joy and not obligation.

You may be spinning your wheels today wondering if you will ever be good enough for God. Apart from Jesus Christ, you won’t be good enough. When His blood has washed away your sin, His righteousness is applied to your life and your life is lived in joyful service to Him because you want to not because you have to.

Ask the Lord to deliver you from this mindset. Ask Him to help you rest in the fact that His love for you is unconditional and not based on your performance.

8 thoughts on “Performance-Driven Christianity

  1. As long as we are doing what the Lord asks us to do we will do okay. When we do things that the Lord tells us not to do then we get in trouble. The question always is do we go to him and ask which is which?

    Be blessed

  2. Hmm so very true! Thank u Jesus for this message! Amen! Your blog truly inspires me and allows me to continually check up on my spiritual walk with God daily. 🙏😇💕 God bless and keep you in Jesus Name! Xx

  3. I totally agree with this bro and I am writing a post that might seem like I am contradicting it. I won’t be, but sometimes language twists us up. My post will essentially say that we strive to give all because he gave all. And yet, this desire comes not from a place of debt, but from a place of gratitude.

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