A One-Way Street

I remember when I was first trying to grasp the concept of social media, I was told that people would respond to me if I responded to their posts. It makes sense, right? However, I noticed quickly that there are some who are all about posting and getting likes and comments but never reciprocate.

With some people, giving will always be a one-way Street. You will be quick to give, and they will be quick to receive. Although we as givers do not expect in return, there will be some who will drain us dry. They will come to the point of asking and expecting.

Jesus made this awesome statement: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” God has wired us to be givers. We find our greatest joy when we give. If you really examine the life of a selfish person, you will be an unhappy person. Selfish people are never fully satisfied.

When it comes to the one-way street, I want to be on the giving end with no expectation of receiving. God will reward me with the joy of giving, and that is enough.

10 thoughts on “A One-Way Street

  1. Yeah I think I am realising a lot of what you have said when it comes to social media. I would much rather give encouragement to others through a comment or like than receive it from someone who is just looking for a back scratch.

    Your right about what Jesus said, there is something very powerful about giving, when we do it with joy it’s good stuff!

    Thanks for sharing as always Matt!

  2. Right! I like the part were you said:

    “Although we as givers do not expect in return, there will be some who will drain us dry. They will come to the point of asking and expecting.”

    I am unfortunately an offender when it comes to recklessly “hearting” anything and everything I see on Facebook – and so the other day when I liked instead of “hearted” a friends post, lol, they called me out and asked me why I hadn’t “hearted” it instead (on Facebook, for the whole world to see). lol. You just can’t win with this new age of social media because of how and where people choose to receive their affirmation. The only lasting affirmation we can receive is from Christ not other people! 🙂

  3. Sigh. There are always those who give only to receive. But the greatest joy comes in giving with no expectation of return. You are so wise, Matthew! And I am so grateful to have met you here in the “blogosphere.” 🙂

  4. That’s true…if we do post and/or comment on the posts of others we must do it, because we truly DO want to do it. It’s kinda like in real life when people only pretend to like you and/or befriend you, because you have something they want or need (e.g. money, item, status) 😛

  5. Thank you, Matthew, I read this informative Blog, and also your other Blog on being in the predominately thankless ministry. Maybe, you should consider writing a book for failing or too high expectant Pastors, and direct them to what pleases God most, and opens up the way for His blessing. Please ask God the Holy Spirit to guide you and give you wisdom. God bless you

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