I’ll Do Anything But That, Lord! (The Where)

How many of you will be honest and say that you have told the Lord you would do anything for Him but go to a particular place? I have. The first time I remember doing this was when I vowed that I would not attend the Bible college where I began my undergrad because I was afraid I might end up like some of my school teachers (no offense to any alumni who may be reading). I choked on my words and finished my junior year there.

Jonah is the one most of us think of when we think of people who ran the other way from God’s plan. The Ninevites were wicked people, and Jonah did not want to be the messenger who would preach and see the people repent. Nevertheless he went after spending 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a “great fish” and then becoming “great fish vomit”.

We are so prone to tell God what we will and will not do. He knows best. If He chooses to use us in unusual places, so be it. After being ultra-selective about where I would minister, things eventually changed as I matured. As painful as the assignment is at times, God uses us in these tough places for a reason.

You may be fighting God’s plan for your life because of a location. You may not want to move because you are comfortable where you are. It may be that you have a dislike for the people who may be your personal mission field. I encourage you today to come to a point where your will gets lost in God’s. It may not be our way, but it is the best way.

5 thoughts on “I’ll Do Anything But That, Lord! (The Where)

  1. Wish WordPress had a “I Absolutely Love This Post” button. So “Like” it is. Wow, what a timely word. We are facing in the next 6 months a similar decision, but it’s not about “leaving” our town–it’s about WHERE I will serve Jesus in this town. I fluctuate between “All In” to “How’s this gonna work?” Prayers from a Warrior like you are greatly appreciated!

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