Rebuilding the Walls of Your Life (Part 4)

I’m picking up on a series I started before Thanksgiving. In rebuilding the walls of our lives after devastation from the aftermath of divorce, addiction, sickness, or whatever the difficulty, I have mentioned several things you need. I encourage you to go back and read the first 3 parts of this.

As I was preparing for this portion, a phrase from Nehemiah 3 jumped out at me. As they were rebuilding the gates, the Scripture says “they sanctified it”. This means they set their work apart to their Lord.

If you are going to rebuild and make a full comeback, you MUST set yourself apart from what used to be. You can’t hang with the old crowd. You can’t go to the same places. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure. That’s fine if you want to live in failure, but God has more and better for you.

The devil may have you convinced that you are not worth anything, but you are worth so much…so much that God would send His Son to die for your sin and conquer death, Hell, and the grave Christ on your behalf. God made you for more! Set yourself apart (as difficult as that may be) and walk in the victory God has willed for you!

5 thoughts on “Rebuilding the Walls of Your Life (Part 4)

  1. If we keep facing Christ, as we would the sun, we would find our shadow behind us and out of sight. Should we turn our back on Christ, as we would the sun, we will find our shadow before us. And in that shadow looms our sins, sorrows, and regrets of our lives as a disturbing spector. Keep facing Christ, the Son of God, and leave that shadow where it belongs…behind you. The further the distance and time that is put between you and your past sins will quiet the call of temptation to return…..until they are but a whisper, and easily overcome. We are in good company……for the saints too began so.

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