Share the Stage

It is so easy in leadership to hog the spotlight. When you are at the top, the temptation is great to steal all the glory. As you grow in Christ, you want to help develop people while God gets all the glory.

Today, I “shared the stage” with a dear friend who is one of the men in our church. God called him several years ago to ministry. Many of us get detoured when life happens, but he has not given up. Today, he preached for the first time in a long time. He shared the subject of forgiveness and he kept it real. It was my joy to give him an opportunity to stir up the gift God put in him. I’m looking forward to giving him more opportunities and seeing God call others from our church.

As we are moving forward, I’m realizing more and more how I must share the stage so that people can develop their own gifts and help others develop in Christ. I cannot do it alone, and I don’t want to. God is unveiling a plan for me to “share the stage”, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

If you are a part of a church that will not allow you to develop your gifts, I encourage you to find a place that will. Don’t grow stale and let life pass you by because the leadership in your church uses a select few. Please pray for us as we go deeper in developing fully devoted followers of Christ.

12 thoughts on “Share the Stage

  1. Amen! I like your vision about “sharing the stage”. Not many like to share the spotlight and forget that it’s not about the “spotlight”, it’s about the message, the message of Christ specifically. Hopefully, people will realize how that’s more important than being in the limelight.

    God Bless.
    Sherline 😀

    1. The first church I pastored had multiple people in leadership, some who abused it. I came in and repeatedly reminded them that Christ is the “star of the show”. I don’t prefer that phrase now, but some people had turned it into a show and I wanted the message to get across that Christ will be the only exalted One.

  2. Man am I glad to hear this.

    What you described in part of this article is the main reason I don’t attend church much anymore. It seems that 99% of institutionalized church is focused on one man his control.
    The people just seem to be controlled spectators. Not mutually functioning in their gifts & fellowshipping.

    Good good good direction Matthew. Keep going in this direction and you’ll really have something unique in churchland. A gathering where all the people can exercise the gifts that God gave them at His direction.

    God bless you buddy. ☺

  3. Great thoughts. So many personal issues cloud the attitude and execution of leadership. Remembering we are meant to be servants – not “stars” – helps ground us.

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