Don’t Label My Kid! – In The News!

I have no doubt that many who read my blog have been involved in foster care. My co-blogger and friend, TJ Petri, received a wonderful opportunity to publish an article for Dr. John DeGarmo. If you have been involved or are considering or are involved currently in foster care, I encourage you to read this. Click on the link in the post from Dr. DeGarmo’s site.

Don't Label My Kid! (Or Me!) Coaching-Counseling- Consulting

dr john

When Dr John DeGarmo contacted me about possibly contributing a piece for his upcoming December Blog Posting, I was without words. It’s not often you get an invitation from the guru of your trade to actually share your expertise. With more accolades and accomplishments in the Foster Care field than anyone I have known, I was caught off guard to say the least. I can honestly say that Dr. John and his wife are the only couple I know of who have had more foster kids live with them than I.

I have had 45! To be asked to give my opinion on an issue that is constantly under scrutiny by state and federal regulators was very satisfying and meant a lot to me.

I am glad to share both a proud moment of his – him and his wife being recognized by none other than Good Morning America and…

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