Your Past Erased

I have been dwelling on my life, especially my life prior to leaving my home state of Virginia. I made a few observations. First, every house or apartment I ever lived in has been demolished and replaced. Second, the church where I started my ministry closed in 2014 and another ministry is meeting there. Even the hospital where I was born is no longer in existence. I have always heard people say that you can’t go back home. Other than to see relatives (which is outside my budget at this point), there is no home to which I can return. I can at least say that the school where I gave my life to Christ and surrendered to the call to ministry is still going strong. In a sense, a lot of my past has been erased. I have the memories, but nothing tangible or visible outside of pictures to connect to them.

This is similar to what Christ did when we asked Him to save us. He washed away our sin (past, present, and future) and gave us His righteousness. We confess our sin to maintain proper fellowship (I John 1:9), and we have consequences for our actions after salvation. It does not, however, affect our salvation. Praise God! Otherwise, I would sit in worry every day wondering if I was good enough today.

There is a nostalgic part of me that would love to stroll down memory lane, but memory lane often paralyzes us from accomplishing greater things. I had some great Ministries in the past, but I passed the mantle to others who followed me. In most cases, they took things beyond where God allowed me to do so. I served my Season. Now I am doing a new thing. Many would say it’s impossible or ridiculous to attempt. I will keep moving forward until the vision is accomplished.

Maybe you have no place to call home. Memories of the past are painful for you. There is a place called home in the arms of Jesus. I’m not talking about dying. I’m talking about spending time with Him while you are here on Earth. There is no greater place than being in the presence of the One who gave His life to redeem you and set you free. Your past is erased, and your future is secure.

4 thoughts on “Your Past Erased

  1. Excellent thoughts. I too have had much of my physical past erased through closures, etc. But I am indeed glad, that as you note Christ has given the fresh start spiritually. Thank you for the post.

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