So You Call Yourself a Soldier?

It’s day 2 of 2018, and I’m already feeling that it’s going to take some guts and fight to make it through this one. I see all kinds of crazy, and the devil is having a lot of fun right now. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are a soldier in the fight against the enemy. Like it or not, it’s the truth. You may not have knowingly signed up for it, but you did.

If you are going to have victory in fighting the enemy and being a good soldier of Jesus Christ according to 2 Timothy 2, you must do the following:

  1. Be Strong (v. 1)! This is not a physical strength, so hold back on the selfies with your 6-packs and gun shows. I told my first church that I was jealous because I have a 24-pack. This strength comes from the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Spending hours a day at the gym won’t get you this kind of strength.
  2. Leave a godly legacy (v. 2)! You are called to lead people to Christ who lead people to Christ who lead people to Christ. This is spiritual reproduction. Teach them so they can teach others. But how can you do this is you can’t lead by example? Many of us “get saved” and chill on our luxury liner to Heaven and never lead a soul to Christ. We are saved to share and serve.
  3. Have thick skin (v. 3)! The Scripture says to endure hardship. There are too many babies in churches today who wear their feelings on their sleeves. Those who look to be offended are spiritual immature and need to feed on the meat of the Word rather than sucking on bottles in the church nursery. Bottles are fine where you are a new believer, but you better have thick skin if you plan on surviving the attacks of the enemy.
  4. Refuse to be entangled with worldly things (v. 4). Have you ever pulled out an extension cord that is so many feet long, and it has about 10 huge knots? It limits you from going very far. Being entangled in worldly things keeps you from getting very far in serving the Lord. You can’t expect to catch big fish when your standing on the shore with the minnows and a cane pole. There is also no way you can please God and live for the world at the same time. One will end up getting more of your affection, and most of the time it is the world.

The Christian life isn’t for sissies. If you want some limp-wristed religion, you didn’t sign up to be a follower and soldier of Christ. Anything less than waging serious war for Jesus is a mockery.

12 thoughts on “So You Call Yourself a Soldier?

  1. Wow!! Lay it out there!! You are 100% right on leading people to people who lead other people. I always encourage a new believer in the fact Jesus will feed them milk to begin. He is tender and gentle to answer and reassure them in their seeking Him. Teaching them to have the Truth for the battle and victory ahead is the time invested together and in the Word. Excellent post!!

  2. Wowwww!!! This hit me like a rock on my head! Thank you so much for sharing, I always tell many about Jesus Christ and his soon coming, but I wish to do so much for his Kingdom, but I know he’s equipping me for greater works and for tougher battles in Jesus Name Amen!!! God bless!

  3. This explains perfectly Paul’s frustration when he told the church they should be on the meat, but they still were on milk. But for that reason, he gave them milk. May those who are mature have the patience to bear with one another ❤ May we continue to all grow in Christ.

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