Faint, Be Faithful, or Finish Well?

When most people think of responses to life, they either think flight or fight. Both are extremes. In my opinion, it is better to fight (at least it shows your making an effort even if you lose). I have chosen the middle option – just continue doing. With this option, you are doing something even if it isn’t 100 percent. I want to take a minute to comment on the three options in the title.

Faint – This is a word in older versions of the Bible that means to quit. This is the easy route. Anyone can quit. Many do. I’m talking about giving up altogether. Many “try out” the Christian life and find that it actually demands something, so they quit.

Be faithful – some go through life and do what has to be done. They may not find any joy in it, but they can at least say they met the qualifications for whatever it might be.

Finish well – there is a little more to this. People who finish well went above and beyond. These are not status quo people. They are not satisfied to just check off a list. They believe for bigger and strive to achieve it. I want to be in this category so that if I were to die today, tomorrow, next month, or next year, it could always be said that I was striving for the best not just what’s good.

Are you the quitter who drops out when the pressure is on? Are you the faithful one who at least meets the minimum requirements? Or are you the one who can be known for finish well and striving for the best if today would be your last day? Do an honest evaluation, decide what you want to be, and let God empower you to get there.

4 thoughts on “Faint, Be Faithful, or Finish Well?

  1. This is probably one of my favorite posts I have read. When it comes down to it, all God wants is a faithful servant. If you are faithful to serving Him, then you will finish well.

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