Do You Ever Feel Like a Broken Record?

When I preach and teach, I feel like I say the same things over and over. Sometimes things do get repeated, but I hope it isn’t as bad as I feel it can be. A pastor I know was teaching a Sunday School class and asked, “Why does God repeat Himself so much in Scripture?” A lady with no filter said, “Because people are too **** stupid to get it the first time.” We may not prefer to use her language, but she did have a point.

God does repeat many things throughout the Bible. Why? Because the people in that day didn’t get it the first time, and we don’t now. In Second Peter, he uses the phrase “stir up your remembrance”. Just like we parents repeat ourselves to our children. Holla if you can relate?😂

You may feel like a broken record, but it is for a purpose. Repeat yourself as much as necessary. Eventually, someone will get it.

11 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Like a Broken Record?

  1. Right on! The Church I am part is currently doing a series called “Gospel on repeat” I think your right, sometimes we will need to repeat ourselves but we need to have Gods promises and the gospel on repeat so we don’t forget.

    Thanks for sharing Matt

  2. I’m sorry. Could you repeat that? 😉

    Seriously, thank goodness God, Jesus, and ministers have the patience to repeat themselves. I so rarely “get” it the first time

  3. Holla back on that! Preach it, pastor!Perhaps it is true that they didn’t get it the first time, but also repeated phrases stress their importance! I sometimes feel like our church’s sermons are on repeat, I have to remember that it may be new to someone else. Also I try to look at it as an opportunity for better understanding of a concept.

  4. I’ve listened to Radio 1000 since December 2014. I’ve heard the same TD Jakes and Noel Jones sermons repeated dozens of times. Each time, they pertain to my life in a different way, or I catch something I didn’t catch the first or 33rd time.
    Keep repeating yourself. The holy spirit’s prompting you to say whatever you’re saying for a reason.

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