The Church & Dr. King’s Dream

We have made some wonderful progress in the area of integration since Dr. Martin Luther King. Schools have integrated. Bathrooms have integrated. The least integrated place in our country is the church. It has been said that the most segregated hour during the week is the hour of worship on Sunday.

This reality disturbs me, and I hope it disturbs you. I know there are many ethnically blended churches across the country. I believe it is because these churches are found in areas that are more ethnically diverse. In rural small town South Carolina, the ethnic divide is still very much alive. I don’t believe segregated churches were a part of Dr. King’s dream.

As a part of a vision within my heart for the church I founded, plans are in the making for what I believe will be the beginning of ethnic unity in our Oconee County churches. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds and share it with my WordPress audience. Please join me in prayer that the dream will become a reality.

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