I Can’t Take Much More!

How many of you have said that? We all have. Whether it was about rebellious children, work drama, financial problems, sickness, or marital problems, we have all said it and meant it. We come to a breaking point.

The thing we have to be careful about is knowing what role God plays in this, the role the devil plays in this, and where our actions come into play. Let me take this apart for just a minute.

  • Don’t give the devil too much credit! The devil is not all-powerful, so he cannot be the one behind everything bad going on in our lives. He can influence, but he cannot make anyone do anything.
  • Don’t blame God for too much! God may allow things to happen, but many things are a result of living in a sin-cursed world. I have heard people say things like “God must really love me to give me cancer.” Cancer is a result of the curse. God does not look down from Heaven and say, “Oh, I think I’m going to give Bertha cancer!” God does allow it and work through it, and that can be a difficult thing to accept and understand.
  • Don’t forget that we play a role in bad things happening! If I make a bad financial decision, I cannot blame God nor the devil. I am reaping the consequences of poor financial management. If my kids rebel, I cannot blame God nor the devil. My kids have a free will and can make bad choices. Some may say, “Well God could have stopped them.” That is true. In the Old Testament, He stopped the disobedience of children by requiring stoning for their punishment. I’m glad God doesn’t smite my children dead when they sin. I do pray He convicts them and deals with them, but I am thankful He does so in love.

Your perspective in the midst of difficulties will determine how well you cope with life as a whole. It ultimately reveals what you believe after God, the devil, and yourself. If you are at your wit’s end, let God teach you about reality from His perspective. Only then can you face criticism, sickness, and tragedy with grace.

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Take Much More!

  1. This is well said, Matthew.

    As to “I can’t take much more,” you made me laugh. I passed the point of no return long ago. Somebody smart once told me, “when you can’t take any more, just let go. God will catch you.” We people are notorious for trying to hang onto control for dear life, but I think we’re actually designed to break. Kind of like how cats have break away collars so they don’t strangle themselves. 🙂

  2. Warm greetings, Matthew, this is Chris Briscoe, a fellow believer who I am glad to see your are following. I read your Article on the difference between God’s dealings, the Devil’s and ourselves. Also, I read your thoughts on Divorce, from your experience. Your former Article was really good on clarifying the confusion between, God doesn’t give cancer, but God allows cancer. Great insights from both Articles. Matthew, can I share with you another Blog address I write on, and my first Post which I hope will be useful for your spiritual life. Please read it and, if you don’t mind, let me know your thoughts @ how2experiencegod.wordpress.com
    Have the most wonderful year for 2018,you and yours.

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