Simple Church

Earlier in my ministry, I was all about what could pack the most people into the seats. Ministry, to me, was about programs and being one up on every other church in town. I had very heavy influence to do big events that were supposed to draw a ton of people to the church. Ultimately, it was just various forms of entertaining Christians and hardly if ever helped make disciples as Jesus commanded.

Later, I was introduced to a more Christ-exalting model. My music ministry was no longer about cantatas or fancy plays. Musical presentations became worship experiences that drew the attention toward Jesus instead of the performance. Still, I found the overall experience of Church a bit too complicated.

Then, I started a church. We are far from anything I have ever done or experienced. We are very laid back. My preaching and teaching style is very interactive. The crowd is small, and we focus on unity rather than size. We want to make disciples and create an environment as close to what the early church looked like nearly 2,000 years ago rather than what the church growth movement has dictated in all the best sellers.

Am I saying that large or megachurches are wrong? Absolutely not! Many of them are accomplishing God’s purpose in their ministry context. I just happen to know that my calling is to minister to people on a more personal level where they are more than just a number. I want to do my best to invest what God has given me into the life of someone else.

As you are preparing for worshiping with your church family this weekend, don’t get lost in the lights, smoke, music, and all the prep that teams put into the service a few hours before it starts. Don’t lose focus of the One who died and rose again to redeem mankind – the Lord Jesus Christ.

19 thoughts on “Simple Church

  1. Amen.

    One thing I’ve learned, it is all about quality over quantity. Two or 3 believers aligned with the Lord can do amazing things, make an impact in a community that will just take your breath away. Conversely you can also have hundreds of people and yet nothing really changes, nothing ever really gets done. Not saying those people are bad or anything, it’s just that when it comes to the Lord’s work it’s no longer about strength in numbers or gathering an army or anything that we assume might make us more effective. He likes to move in mysterious ways and turn our expectations on their head. 🙂

  2. Some great lessons you have learnt dude. I think church these days in the west are often more about consumers wanting something and discipleship and serving is a bit inconvenient, it gets in the way. Mine is a small perspective but I like you kinda grieve at what I am seeing.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Some great resources if you haven’t already seen/read them – Francis Chan and the multiply movement. Great thought provoking videos as well. Mike Breen, building a discipleship culture and Discipleship matters by Peter Maiden.

  3. AMEN!! It really is easy to get caught up in the flashy stuff and forget why we are there. I love the personal approach style I feel that it connects with people better and being interactive helps ensure that they are understanding what is being taught.

  4. I think would really like your church, my friend. Everything you say about it sounds like my church! We are small, but we are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Our worship time brings in a closeness to God most times. I don’t need all the fanfare to get the most out of worship – all I need to do is draw close to God!

    Be blessed

  5. Last year I started an outreach under the supervision of my Pastor with the hope of planting a church out of that work. Currently, it is myself, my wife, our four kids (one a toddler) and one member. We evangelize, study the word, yet we have had people walk in and walk out without giving any reasons. Church planting truly will be depressing if left to our own energies and scheming. Thanks be to God he is the one who brings in the harvest. May God strengthen your hands for this good cause.

  6. When the music fades. All is stripped away, and I simply come, longing just to bring, something that’s of worth, that’ll bless Your heart!… Honoured to be part of this church family here! My heart resonates with you all here!

    1. When Paul told Timothy to let no one despise his youth, I grew to understand that more as a very young man in ministry. You will have your critics. Critics can either keep us humble or crush our spirit. For me, it did the second. I worked for a few different pastors who were very condescending and encountered others outside my local context who were also condescending. Change when necessary and know what is just plain hateful. There will be some days when the only thing that will keep you going is the call. Remember that the call is about glorifying Christ and investing in people. No matter what others say to bring you down, surround yourself with people who will speak life into you. Find those who will come alongside you rather than hover over you. There is so much I could say. I hope this helps.

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