Church Does Not Mean You Walk With Christ

T. R. wrote an amazing post. While many want to criticize millennials for not embracing church the way it used to be, they are actually longing for something deeper than religious services. Please read this as T. R. shares her heart.

Inside Cup

When I first started attending college, all the way till about my junior year. There was a man at my home church. Every time I was home visiting he always asked me if I was in church if I had found a church to go to while in college.

To which, I told him, “No.” I didn’t like the watered down ministeries on my campus tailored specifically for college students, and admittedly, I was also lazy. I didn’t look around much.

I was scolded every single time, “Well, you need to find a church. You need to be in church.”

Each time, I held my tongue trying not to be disrespectful.

(NLT) 1 Peter 2:17, “Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God, and respect the king.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 2.58.43 AM.png

I’ve shared in a few posts how my relationship with Christ is just that. It is a relationship with Christ…

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