Get the Facts First!

Over the last week, I have assisting with setting up a website for someone. It is still a little bit of a work in progress, but I encourage you to visit and follow It tells the story of a lady named Anissa and her disability that began at infancy due to a reaction to a medication. This is told from the viewpoint of her mother who is a grounded follower of Christ. If you are a caregiver for anyone who has had seizures and is completely dependent, this story will move you and connect with you.

Back to my original point. In working out some technical issues, some wires got crossed. The bottom line was that people were taking action before they got all the facts. How many of us know the danger that can cause? We tell stories without knowing all the facts (gossip). We jump to conclusions. We blow things out of proportion. Then we have a mess to clean up. This can create more work, sever relationships, and do more damage than if someone knew all the facts rather than having fun glamorizing something they know little to nothing about.

May this be a lesson for us all, especially if we are in leadership. Know all the facts before making a call. Respond rather than react. You’ll be glad you did.

6 thoughts on “Get the Facts First!

  1. And sometimes even if you know all the facts, still say nothing. Luke who wrote the book of Acts, never tells us what went down between Paul and Mark, that caused mark to abandon the crew and which lead to Paul and Barnie to part ways later. No doubt he knew all the facts but we never know, we just know that whatever it was seemed to be resolved in the end.

    Thanks for sharing dude, you always get me thinking

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