Is Your Church Growing? If So, How?

The denominational statistics in numerous denominations display a disturbing percentage of churches that are plateaued or declining. This is disturbing. What is even more disturbing is that they often do not want to change anything, so eventually they die. Another disturbing trend is among growing churches. This trend is that many growing churches are growing because of transfer growth (aka Betty Sue got mad because her husband wasn’t elected to be a deacon so they uprooted and joined another church…no offense to godly ladies named Betty Sue because I know one).

To those who are following my blog, how many of you are experiencing conversion, meaning that you are growing because people are giving their life to Christ, being baptized, and becoming fully devoted followers of Christ? What is the difference in your church’s culture versus the ones that are “sheep swapping”? Is all the evangelism coming from the leadership? Do you have countless people in your church sharing their faith? Is it event-driven?

Please share about your growing church that is growing because people are being born again. Please comment. We want to hear your story.

19 thoughts on “Is Your Church Growing? If So, How?

  1. Good stuff Mr Winters, I really love hearing from others that are passionate about this stuff. Thanks for sharing dude, I can read it in your words that you really desire that your church community is growing good people.

    I think it fascinating that this trend is not just happening in Australia. If the church in the west is experiencing decline and has been for awhile you would think by now that people would have realised that running more programs, getting excited about how many people turned up to an event or filling up bibles study groups is like putting on a band aid and not address the real issue.

    Sheesh so much could be written about this. First things first, being born again is not just about accepting Gods gift through his son and then living life like nothing ever happened. Many are asleep in the light. Leadership of congregations have a responsibility to grow a culture of legit growth in Christ where people will be transformed and learn about how they can contribute to the kingdom and their communities. If this is neglected then the “Betty Sue’s” and others who are pissed off or carrying pain will continue to walk with Christ at a distance or not at all.

    I have always been drawn to the ministry of discipleship but I couldn’t name it, but I knew what I was looking for. Its only been in the last 2 years that its become clearer. To come along side others within the body of Christ who are struggling with moving forward in their walk. Enough with telling people they need to pray more, grow more and read the bible more, those with the gift of exhortation and teaching actually need to walk closely and teach and share how to do this stuff. Its often the leadership of churches that have played a role in creating an unhealthy culture in congregations.

    I am part of a church that has been focusing on numbers, while this is sad, its pretty normal. Leadership has realised that quality is more important that quantity (well I am really hoping this is the case) and through meetings we have had they are wanting to see change. I am excited mostly to help others learn about their spiritual gifts so along with their natural talents, can see where God is leading them. All the parts of the body working.

    Hoping this isn’t just a post to kill time cause you have asked some great questions and its a conversation that needs to be had, locally and globally.

    Thanks again for posting

    1. I am hungry to see who is experiencing real conversion growth without having the masses repeat a prayer and report the huge number to a denominational headquarters. I am disturbed by the fact that although I’m seeing some spiritual growth, I’m not seeing anyone give their life to Christ and follow in baptism.

      1. I guess you could really only tell from seeing fruit over a period of time. The parable of the seeds falling in different places come to my mind. You may have a bunch of people “giving their life to Christ followed by baptism” but does that really show how committed they are to following Christ. Not sure in the short term Matt. Unless your specifically talking about baptism being a specific part of a persons conversion, if that’s the case you have lost me there. Are you saying that the only real conversion growth is people giving their life to Christ followed by those people being baptised?

  2. I am commenting but not because our church is growing. On the contrary, we are declining in number and fervor. We need revival – need revival. The people we have are hungry for growth, but ill prepared for it, I’m afraid. I am hoping to start up something to get the ball rolling, to reach out to the community we are in (a small Iowa town of 700 people) and the surrounding communities. Not with programs and fancy things, but with a sincere call to the heart.

    My problem is that I am limited to what I can personally so, as I am in cancer recovery and my immune system is very compromised. I have to wear a mask whenever around people. But I may just develop a door to door campaign, mask and all, to reach out to people. What God has done in my life is an amazing testimony of His love, grace and healing. I am hoping some others in our church will join me. My pastor, who is in his 70’s and love’s the Lord deeply, and the congregation deeply, is all for growth, and I know I will have His backing and assistance.

    Pray for our small church please. We need so much, and we love so much. Pray that God will send forth laborers to the fields ripe for the harvest.

    Be blessed


  3. Thank you for your faithfulness in your posts. There are MANY reasons why churches are on the decline. I think part of the problem is we have confused “church planting” with “church starting.” Many people that get mad and leave want to “start” their own church and they call it “church planting.” In my opinion, if we want to grow our churches numbers, then we need to CLOSE down the church starts and all come together as one body of Christ. There is NO reason, NO reason for their to be over 100 churches in ONE county. None whatsoever. How many of those churches are church plants…NONE and it’s killing our churches. The only way to fix the heart problem that causes church starting is for us ALL to find ourselves face to face with the risen Savior. Let HIM straighten each one of us out and I think we would begin to see things a little differently. Anyway thanks for posting.

    I have nominated you for an award. Thanks for letting me get to know you on this platform.

  4. The “church” is growing, not necessarily the congregation my husband serves in as pastor. We see spiritual baby steps of growth in the church he pastors and this seems to be God’s blessing of Tom’s faithfulness and the prayers of a few. We are only a few there. The growth through evangelism we see is spread throughout several different churches that work together to minister to teens and children through our summer camps and mission trip. There are no leaps and bounds only patient waiting, working and watching as the Lord gives the increase. Keep doing the work of an evangelist that God gives to do and He will give the increase, maybe not your specific congregation but in His church.

  5. Hi, Matthew! My husband and I are helping plant a church. The focus isn’t numbers. But the purpose of the church is to reach those who are unchurched. The mission is to “create a church that even unchurched people love to attend.” Our church is affiliated with Northpoint–Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta, GA. You may be familiar with his “model.” Anyway, our pastor continually encourages us to invite our non-believing friends. As a church, we are just over a year old, and we are growing…with people who have been unaffiliated previously with a church. Seems you are doing similar things 🙂 God bless you big time!

  6. Oh… and our discipleship groups encourage questions… we also have a “next step” group that specifically focuses on discipling and tackling questions that those who haven’t chosen Christ yet ask. Discipleship in “circles” is valued above teaching to “rows”… although we do have a Sunday service. 🙂

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