Culture versus Truth

I most definitely feel least qualified to write on such a subject, but I am disturbed by how many people who claim to be Christians allow American culture to take precedence over truth. Honestly, it’s not just American culture. Other ethnic groups have forced their culture upon Scripture, and God’s absolute truth has been thrown out the window.

In the southern part of the United States, sacred cultural cows consist of Bible versions, musical preferences, pastors wearing suits, pews versus chairs, wooden pulpits versus plexiglass, etc. People are dying without Christ, and people in the church are fighting over things that don’t matter. Or the other extreme is forcing modern lifestyle preferences by pimping a twisted view of a permissive God Who does not care about what we do as long as we are happy and mean well.

Many churches and pastors are paralyzed today by people in their congregations who care more for culture than they do Truth. We can be culturally relevant without compromising. God meant what He said in Scripture. He said, “I am the Lord; I change not.” Does that mean that He decides to allow certain things because it’s 2018 and we are a much more tolerant society? NO!!!!!! Despite how many people tried to convince me that morality is a gray area, I beg to differ.

When it comes to culture versus truth, I pick truth because it is from God. He is Truth! When it comes to tradition or truth, I pick truth! When it comes to what my family said or God’s truth, I pick truth (no disrespect to family). God’s Word is forever settled in Heaven, and no good intentions on my part will change His standards of holiness and truth.

24 thoughts on “Culture versus Truth

  1. Loving your passion to see truth in your part of the world Matt. I reckon you are qualified to share your thoughts on what your observing in the body, we need more, especially when it comes to this stuff. Similar stuff happening here as well.

    I once heard in a sermon the preacher say something like “its funny how we talk about breaking Gods laws. like they are as fragile as we are. No, if God never changes and the word is living then we can never really break the laws of God, its us who break ourselves against what he has put in place.”

    So on one hand Scripture like Malachi 3:6 and John 14:6 where we find out what is the true way and life (its not culture!) and the reality of how massive God is and the influence he has, even in our fallen world today gives us confidence that nothing surprises God, and on the other hand when we see the craziness that’s happening around us, especially in the body of Christ (and there is no shortage) we need to continue to pray and rebuke when we are in a position to Pray that God will change hearts, especially in the church. If God cared that much about Nineveh imagine how much more he cares about the what his own kids are up to.

    Thanks for posting, you always get me thinking,

  2. If God saved Abraham, Jacob, David and many of the righteous kings of Israel, while they lived and died with many wives, he can save a gay married couple. I see no difference. Actually, adultery is worse, since you hurt your first wife. But heterosexual church men don’t see that, do they?

    1. God can save anyone who comes to Him in repentance and faith. This includes addicts, heterosexual, homosexual, promiscuous, you name it. As He told the adulterous woman in John 8 – “Go and sin no more.” Sin is sin in the eyes of God. We can not differentiate. I would hope that the last two sentences were not personally directed at me as you do not know the circumstances of my divorce, and not all “heterosexual church men” are the same. You will actually find the many “heterosexual church men” have no concern for what God says, especially when you cross into denominational territories where nothing is wrong and Jesus is like a little girl frolicking through a field of daisies who is all about the love and has no standards for righteousness and holiness.

      1. I’m sorry. I do get upset with men in the church who are so offended by homosexual unions. I’m sure you are a Godly man. I think gay people have pushed too hard against Christians too. All the conflict is damaging to both sides.

        As for sin, I don’t think God is as picky as we are because he knows everything about every person. In many minds, it is not a sin to choose one mate, of whichever sex, and marry them and be faithful. If they don’t think it is a sin, I think Paul said, then for them it isn’t. Paul also said, in speaking of deacons or elders, “Let them be the husband of one wife.” Implying some men had two or more.

        I know that having sex with lots of people is wrong and dangerous. I understand why churches don’t accept people who don’t abide by their rules. They have that right. I also understand why there are now churches who will accept everyone, no matter what they are doing. If we love and accept everyone and then preach the word, they can all grow in their walk with God.

        I’m sure part of this for me is that my sister is gay and has one partner. She is also a Christian. Many would say she isn’t, even tho they don’t know her. She does not believe it is a sin. I have seen God working in her life for many years. I know God accepts her as she is.

      2. I appreciate what you shared. I came from a harsh background that was very condemning of people who didn’t align 100% with them. Sadly, the hate mongers give conservative Christians a bad name. I firmly believe with all my heart that if a man or woman really wants to know the heart of God on a matter, God will reveal it. I have learned over time to be able to love people where they are, no matter where we stand on issues. Romans 13:8 says that we should owe no one anything except to love one another. Jesus also said that His disciples will be known by their love. I believe that those we can all check ourselves in this area.

      3. Yes, love is the fulfillment of the law. I was also raised in a church that stressed perfect obedience. Many times, when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a Christian. But I knew I could never be perfect, as I thought God wanted me to be, so I didn’t come to Him until I was 19. Even tho I did come, I was terrified when I sinned or made a mistake. It took many years for me to believe God loves me just as I am. God bless you, your family and your church.

  3. Matthew, I appreciate you following my bicycle blog, that’s an honor! I scanned your website and appreciate the passion for your work. Although my background is quite different, we both want to help and inspire others in different ways and areas. The internet and WordPress blogs have introduced me to some very interesting people and different perspectives that I may not agree with, but I can and do respect. I hope that will be the case if you find different viewpoints than your own as you certainly will in my blog and in other blogs. We can at minimum agree that writing and riding bikes are super cool, and the rest is best saved for another time and space. Regards, A Dude Abikes

  4. Our individual response to and deeper understanding of the love and redemption our Almighty God, the Creator of the universes, offers to all, is under attack. An attack to all people of faith. An attack to our moral approach, judgment, wise and Biblical contribution to society and cultures.

    I believe, we should speak up and not (anymore) allow these haters of God and His righteous Law and statutes be trampled — in the court, judicial, legislative and executive systems in our governments! Enough!

  5. Amen! He is the way, the TRUTH and the life! We need to stand firm on his TRUTH in these last days! Thank you for this and continue to stand on his TRUTH in Jesus Name!

  6. Growing up as a child of missionaries and being a missionary myself, I am sharply aware of the differences among faith, religion, and culture. The better we can make those distinctions and recommend our faith to them rather than our culture or even our religion (human organization), the more the Body of Christ will grow and God will be glorified.

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